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The reluctant yogi

I still remember the day when i was driving my scooty and suddenly bumped into a college friend who enthusiastically told me that he was going for some meditation class. The word meditation was new to me. All I could relate that word to was Brahmacharya (celibacy) and asceticism. Why would anyone want to waste their precious time in such pursuits ? He claimed he could gain control over his desires. I couldn't relate to that at all. I even felt some pity for him. Why would anyone want to make life so complicated? What good can come from suppressing your desires? But looking back now I must confess i did feel some curiosity. Is meditation about suppressing desires? It seemed meditation was a step too far into the wilderness ...not for me. I first experienced yoga in 2004 when I participated in an Art of Living Happiness Program (that time it was called Basic Course). My teacher made me do a few simple asanas which I found excruciating at the time. Yet i loved how it made me feel. I was hooked.

Over time what started as a feel-good fitness thing became a life transforming journey. I realised that simple twists and turns can have profound effect on the subtle body. Breath can settle the mind. My AOL course changed my complete perspective towards Life, God and Religion. I realised that Yoga has a much deeper meaning. Meditation is not only for celibates but really for anyone who wants peace of mind and those quiet moments with oneself.

Today I am a Yoga teacher myself. This blog is my way of spreading the joy!

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