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It is ok to be greedy

Mr X is a hardworking guy who always delivers his goals on time. He is never late to office. His house is well organised and his bills are always paid on time. He manages to do his exercise regularly and is also active in social gatherings. He spends his time with his family and takes them on vacations too. Others are jealous of him. For them he is too ambitious, a kinda perfectionist and perfectionist people don't enjoy their lives. Unlike Mr. X, they know better than to be too ambitious. They just enjoy their lives and are satisfied with whatever they have. Mr X exercises because he cares about his looks a lot and they don't want to be a model. People should accept others the way they are.

Meanwhile, the greedy Mr. X has a fitter body, a solid appraisal from his boss, a happy family and no chaos at home. Then why not to be greedy if the outcome is so beautiful.

Greed requires self discipline and hard-work. Greed motivates. Greed pushes one to put beyond a 100%. Greed focusses energy in one direction (in yogic language we call it dharana).

Abstaining from temptations to achieve that single target is total karma yoga.

We are greedy for a position and we do continuous efforts to achieve it.

We are greedy for health we exercise, we eat healthy food and form good habits.

We are greedy for love we try our best to woo our partner which requires sacrificing our own wishes sometimes.

We are greedy for knowledge we strive hard to seek it. We get into the company of wise people.

With greed comes a goal and if we are strong willed we achieve it. When we are too satisfied honestly we don't progress much cz

We will be satisfied with a mediocre role and secretly crippling from inside.

We will be satisfied with an unhealthy body.

We will be satisfied with our little knowledge and narrow vision.

In India we call it "Koop mandook". The frog who is satisfied within his pond and doesn't want to come out and explore the world. Another word for being satisfied.

History shows that people who were greedy have set milestones for others.

Mahatma Gandhi was greedy for a free country and moved and entire nation towards that goal.

Steve Jobs was greedy for a technical revolution and he created the iPhone.

Stephen Hawking's greed for understanding the cosmos led him to discover Black Holes.

Einstein was a patent clerk but his greed for knowledge of reality led to a revolution in our understanding of Space, Time and Gravity.

Swami Vivekananda hunger for knowledge led to resurgence in vedanta philosophy.

Jack Ma's greed gave rise to Alibaba.

Beethoven greed created those mesmerising symphonies.

Strive for progress, strive to be little greedy. It will take you beyond what is possible. A new world is waiting for you.

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