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About me

What You Need to Know

I have been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 10 years. I have personally experienced the healing and beneficial powers from very simple and effective techniques.

In recent years Yoga has become something of a fashion and, I feel, all those glamorous fads are distorting the original beauty, simplicity and wisdom of true Yoga, as developed by the great Yogis of ancient India and codified in the Patanjali Yogasutras. The more websites i look at the more bizarre and out of place it seems.

I therefore went to the source: I trained as a Yoga Teacher at the Art of Living Ashram, putting in 350 hours of training in a Residential 1 month course where I immersed myself in the practice, theory and techniques of Yoga, the original texts of the Yogasutras and the mantras that guide a meditative Yogi.

So here's the shocking revelation: 

No you do not have to be able to do one hand head stands hanging off himalayan cliffs to experience these benefits.

Simple techniques, meditation and a little discipline with diet can give you a wonderful gain in fitness, health and happiness.

I am determined to bring these benefits and wisdom of Yoga to as many people as I can. 

and along the way we might learn to do headstands in the himalayas too!

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